Switched on to writing


I look forward to sharing my love of literature and writing with you through the various mediums in these pages where you are invited, indeed urged, to become involved.

If you love writing, please feel free to become a regular visitor as new material will be added continually. I’m rather proud of my novels, Nargun and Lest Evil Prevail. The first is an adventure story in pre-white settlement Queensland, while the second is a ‘who dunnit’, my first foray into crime writing.

I hope that this site will provide an interesting selection of materials into which you find yourself immersed. Write to me about anything that catches your fancy, wins your tick of approval, or raises your ire. I can take it.

Julie Kearney

“It is a mark of Lipke’s skill as a writer that he opens the story by immersing readers in a culture steeped in lore and tradition, a fully functioning self-sufficient society based on a harmonious relationship between man and nature.”

Nargun is a page-turner, well-paced in its dramatic unfolding with none of the ‘sag in the middle’ so often found in writers’ first works. A motif of flying and screeching white cockatoos threads through the story as omens and portents of what is to come.”

Martin Knox

“The story has the cadences of an oral history, with a seasonal cycle and celebrations marking the passage of time. I empathised with the Aborigines when they crept up to spy on the peculiar white people. I shared their amazement and suspicions.”

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