Switched on to writing



Ian Lipke became a teacher of primary children in 1958, transferring to secondary schools in 1964. He has taught in schools in remote and metropolitan areas of Queensland, Australia.  

He left school teaching in 1977 to lecture at the University of Queensland and at Queensland University of Technology.  

Throughout the late 1980s and 1990s he was a deputy principal at several high schools, before retiring   to manage his own tutoring business.  

In 2006 he returned to postgraduate studies, gaining an M.Phil through original research, at the  University of Queensland.   In 2012-13 he was president of the University of the Third Age, Brisbane. He is currently secretary to the Management Committee of that organization.

His whole life has been devoted to academic studies which he very much enjoys.  

He has co-written two textbooks for older school children, a novel called Nargun that  depicts aboriginal-white confrontation in early nineteenth century Queensland, and at the time of its writing was president of the University of the Third Age, Brisbane. While president, he also wrote and published a crime novel called Lest Evil Prevail. A third novel, Family Matters, has been completed and is available for publication. A fourth novel, Nathan, a sequel to Nargun, traces the life of Nargun's son in mid-nineteenth century Australia and will soon be available. His self-published books may be purchased at www.amazon.com.  

In addition to his administrative responsibilities he coordinates the ‘words’ section of M/C Reviews, a highly commended online journal that is the brain-child of Dr Axel Bruns of Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane. In 2014 he conducted a seminar on the self-publishing industry, an area that he has made his own.  

Ian has a wife, two children, and two grandchildren.