Switched on to writing



People ask, "Where does this term 'ezine' come from?" The answer is that each issue is an Electronic magaZINE. Some of the features of magazines might appear. But, the ezines you'll find here have a double focus - they focus on writers and they focus on writing. That is the purpose - to highlight the work of writers but, equally, to showcase their writings.

  • Purpose

My aim is to set up and maintain a dialogue with my readers. My focus is all about writing and the beautiful images that man can create in his head and communicate through writing well.

  • Story - telling

We began listening to stories when we were small children. We used our imaginations to construct stories of all kinds - way out stories, adventure stories, love stories. Now we learn there is a certain knack in telling a story in the best way possible.

  • Enjoying poetry

Poetry has a beauty all its own. Let's look at some fine poetry, get our hands dirty messing around with it. Let's eat a poem!

  • Living the dream

In this ezine I take you for a short walk through the literature of the ages and introduce you to some of the great English writers of all time.

  • Living the dream (ii)

This ezine entry introduces the very significant Italian poet named Petrarch. The type of poetry he wrote influenced other poets for hundreds of years. We look, also, at three major poets of the sixteenth century, Thomas Wyatt, Philip Sidney, and Edmund Spenser.


Story - telling

Enjoying poetry

Living the dream

Living the dream (ii)