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lest evil prevail

About the book

          In the 1950s, a time when the wife of a Russian spy arrives at Darwin airport to be dragged from a plane and granted asylum, the Australian Prime Minister Robert Menzies thinks he is in firm control of the government, but there are treacherous bureaucrats jostling for power. Before conspiracy theories have even been formed, June Wilson knows first-hand that all is not well.  A stolen document threatens to destroy her life and she is no longer safe.

          Her lucky break is the appointment of the charming Detective Chris Foster, assigned to protect her.  Together they flee, leaving behind their old identities, to live in Palmwoods, Queensland.  But then a series of violent murders in the small town throws up a thriving drugs trade and some suspicious characters with agendas of their own. Things are not as they seem and as investigations ensue, June's cover is under threat, and she faces exposure. Communist agents, in the service of certain Canberra bureaucrats with criminal connections, descend on the town, intent on assassination.


          Will they bring down the Government?  Will a Royal Commission reveal all?  Will June be safe?