A photograph-inspired fantasy

They came together, and now they’ll stay
Linked by a shared ambition,
Each with a burning goal that they
in classrooms would earn admission.

From the back of beyond comes Sarah, a blonde
In a short striped top pulled tightly,
Wears a bold, flared skirt, could easily flirt
and that’s not at all unlikely.

And Millie the one with a smile laid bare,
Unsure but open to incitement,
Her flaxen hair pinned behind her ear,
Eyes aglow with an inner excitement.

There’s Jenny the one with her chin tucked in,
Who peers through her specs as we scan ‘er,
We’d never ever guess that behind that grin
Was a razor-sharp wit and manner.

And there is Flo, head tilted you know,
Matching hip and knee for balance,
Eager to show what she can bestow
on a child given all her talents.

At last there is Min, the very last quin,
A girl that was made for laughter,
An exuberant grin that siphons us in
And wanting much more ever after.

Alas and alack! Could we have it all back?
All our youth, and the freshness it triggers,
We’ve troubles by the sack, we’d shoulder what we lack,
If we could only have the return of our figures.

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