A woman near forsaken

Have you seen the woman living in the house that stands apart?
Have you heard the woman calling in a voice that tears the heart?
Have you spoken to the woman and felt the emotions she sets free?
Have you held the woman’s hand as she begs that you will see

that once

something sick and subtle lay hidden deep down in her soul,
(A burst of laughter, face alive, she’s charming now she’s whole),
But something sickly subtle took away her happy stance
And her face reveals her fear of that unhappy circumstance.

Something sick grew ever stronger and was reaching for her life,
Something strong that had weakened her living will to stay alive
Like a loathsome, deep intrusion, the source of her duress
that clung to her, and swung with her, like some cancerous abscess.

Western medicine couldn’t save her, she tried Eastern mystics too.
The suckling hound that tore her flesh ignored all medics who
used to write a script in ignorance, not knowing what would work,
No medication known to man could hold back this fiend berserk.

Her feeling somewhat frightened made her holiday at a beach,
Her farewell was to the sand she loved too pure for death to reach,
She met a man who loved her smile and told her to be brave,
Her illness fell, her strength returned, no longer saw her grave


watched the man who killed the fiend fade smiling ‘neath the waves.

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