For love of…

And so I change the sheets again, you watch me so uncertain
of why I do this simple task or who I am precisely;
I hide a sigh, and tuck you in, your hand held in my keeping,
and when you fall asleep at last, I lie awake, half dreaming

of when a fleeting glance met mine, your grace and quiet beauty
tore down my shields;
no longer could my urgent love stay hiding.
You held me firmly to your breast, my feelings burst their silence
and unconfined, we reached to find a love that has no ceiling.

Our senses seizing on a world unknown to all but lovers,
Desire flames, my body hard, your freshness not for stealing.
I risked a kiss,
you took my hand,
nothing further needed,
our wedding night, garnished with love, a recipe for lovers.

You snuffle in your sleep, my heart cracks into pieces,
Such grief unspoken, as raw as pain unanswered,
I grieve alone.
I cannot share
the fears that haunt each moment.
I see you smile, but in your eyes, you know not what I’m feeling.

And when you wake, I help you dress,
my mind, childlike, pretending.
You’re young again
and come to me where I lie quietly dreaming.
You enter silent in the dark, your plan needs no explaining, dressed in nothing but your smile
you weave a spell upon me.

But nights and days flow swiftly by, your face betrays no feeling,
You rally when I kiss your palm, your smile remains uncertain,
No border so indifferent, your mind holding its secrets,
Behind your smile,
inside your eyes,
A creeping ghost-like phantom.

One day I’ll find your body still.
Your spirit freely travelling.
My life tramping in measured steps, while all the while unravelling.
Until I feel your presence near, your precious arms enfolding,
And I will feel beyond the mist
Your healing love consoling.

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