I hear your voice

I hear your voice when winds blow hard, and howl around sheds we built in the yard,
I search each time in hope that tonight, I’ll find and know that you’re really alright.
The bitter years have come and gone, and memories remain and linger on
The dog and I know you’re here somewhere, and we search and search, but you’re not there.

We wed in Spring in the pale yellow light of a gibbous moon moving low out of sight,
A lad and lass, a bed and love, and a future to build, not a cloud above.
A life ahead through summer days to make love at leisure then kids to raise,
and to mark our future by the stars we sight, like the evening star in the west at night.

But life holds more than sunny days, winds blow cold, and the summer haze
leaves men to deal with sleet and snow, hard times, testing if we’d have a go.
We saw a challenge, we said a prayer, we laughed at trouble and made a dare
that together with our dog we’d hold on tight though the winds grew bold, we’d be alright.

From dawn till dark in makeshift bails, our cows grew used to driving gales
while we together with frozen feet made jokes about the trials of the summer heat.
We’d call the cows as the daylight weakened across the paddock near the creek and
we’d milk them as the sun went down and the stars rose as we shut the bails down.

So life went on as it is wont to do and we lived our lives just we two,
Until one day you sat me down with a cup of tea and a muffin brown,
Broke the news that at long, long last, ‘You could stand down, soldier!’ your part is past
Hers to nurture our next in line while I bought chocolates, cigars and wine.

One evening when we were working hard you rounded the cows in the bailing yard,
a heifer panicked, rushed a fence, then spun in her tracks, and tossed her head,
her horn in your stomach like a lance in a boil, then flung you aside as though you were spoiled,
And my heart stopped beating when you fell, there in the rain and the mud of that cow-yard hell.

The ambulance came in response to my call while I rolled a cloth up tight in a ball
and slowed the blood flowing fast in that place, where fell a girl with an innocent face
who loved to laugh and tell jokes in the sun as we built the life we shared with no one.
Now just a dog and a lonely man drifting, watching a gibbous moon slowly descending.

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