I love to watch the shadows

I love to watch the shadows fall as cast by the sun,
Their dancing on a sunbeam is sinuously spun,
Silhouette or outline, full details or none,
Captivating moments obeying orders from the sun
I love to watch the shadows cast by the sun.

I love to look for footprints embedded in the sand,
Were they left to titillate with secrets we’d understand?
Or perhaps to tell the nation that nuclear war’s begun;
Or simply fall unnoticed by friends just having fun,
Traces carelessly laid down and captured by the sun.

I love to watch the shadows as I tidy in the shed,
I see them strut as virile forms on my white wall ahead,
But as the sun gives up the day the shadows stretch and writhe,
and giants are but mortal men and shadows no longer spright.
I love to watch the shadows playing in the light.

I’m a student of shadows, the dark side’s basic to my work,
The flow of light from me to them is magic as I turn
a grumpy, plain old harridan into a fair princess,
My lights transform a wart or zit, invisible work at best.
Shadows never, ever let me down but work at my behest.

Walking backwards through the dunes
weaving stories in the sand,
All caught with magical precision
Composed by a supreme technician,
That’s why I love the shadows
Progeny of the sun.

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