It’s a quiet world

It’s a quiet world at the end of time,
as mankind waits for the clock to chime,
But no clock ticks and no bells toll,
for time’s run out, it no longer rolls.
While a river flows in its bed for years
and meets new challenges, new fears,
and sometimes overwhelms its banks
in what is a gesture of effusive thanks,
its goodwill suffers no matter the clime,
in a quiet world at the end of time.

Ere time winds down and physics fails,
Think of how friction gripped a nail,
Car tyres screeched in the dead of night
and slid broadside when pumped too tight,
but all this goes, is no longer true
when time has failed, has done with you.
Where are the cues and where the signs
that tell us all that the world’s still fine,
What to judge by, what poems rhyme,
Such a harsh world at the end of time.

Through all the decades, times of strife
I’ve counted on the love of a wife,
More than friendship guides our souls
We’ve gone down under but still evolved
Into tempered steel that is tough to crack
and we face down hardship back to back.
When governments rise and later fall
The cycle goes on at the people’s call.
But at the instant when no clock chimes,
It’s a quiet world at the end of time.

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