Let us go there you and I

Let us go there you and I.
Up where the sunset kisses the sky.
In your old wagon on Mt Gravatt hill,
And watch the lights of the city twist and curl
Like a tapestry woven in diamonds and pearl
Following the river, silent water at night.
While we sit alone on top of the world,
Companions together, a boy and a girl.

I pinch myself and wonder if by some devious ill,
Some god is mocking me, here on the hill.
A beautiful woman drinking wine, who seems
Contented, beside me, watching the moon
Tempting thoughts of romance…a man can dream
That she may be won over, and maybe now if not soon
We’ll be kissing and fondling…imagination full zoom.

I want him to notice me, relieve me of hurt,
Take away the pain that gnaws ‘neath my shirt,
Forget for an hour my brother’s crime,
Just live for the moment, soak it in wine,
Make out with my partner, have a good time.
The temperature’s risen, I’m desperately hurt,
His eyes flicker as I take off my shirt,
And ease his from his shoulders, offer him wine.

Good God! Has she really placed her face
In my neck? She’s kissing me, licking me, what to do next?
It’s the wine and the shame, and she doesn’t know,
It’s a secret no longer, her brother I know
Sold drugs to feed a habit so fierce that violence
Met its match in the streets where we now gaze,
Police finally ending his crime-riddled days,
And she feels the pain of despair and shame.

I’m acting the strumpet but kissing this man
is a better alternative than cutting my hands,
I’m using his body to relieve me of hurt,
But God, what a hunk hid under that shirt.
His muscles flex in the light of the moon,
His kisses are something I’ll not forget soon,
I hold him harder, the pain has eased,
When I unclip my bra, he is more than pleased,
He fondles me, kisses me, and the pain that burned
Is a silent ember for a moment in my tiny world.

My God! What is happening? This feels really wicked,
Half-naked together, I should invest in a ticket.
Her body is all that I thought it might be
In my drunken rambles through the dreams that plague me.
She surely unknowing that the heaves and the sighs
Are dampening the pain she’s feeling inside.
Ashamed, but accepting, what she sees in my eyes.
I can hold her, and love her, she’s vulnerable,
First step to help her that wretched bottle.

I love how he feels, warm and strong where I’m not,
His kisses distracting, but he’s somehow held back,
He’s removed the bottle, and poured out the wine.
His hands on my biceps, my eyes search his face,
No judgment I see, just a confident young man,
And I realise of a sudden that he knows my pain
And the tears form and flow from a trickle to a flood,
My breasts in his hands, nothing but support in his face,
And we sit there like statues, weeping it away at full tide,
And I know without speaking I can hold my head high.
We get dressed in silence and depart Mt Gravatt hill
With a kiss that promised I’ll be waiting his call,
If a young, hot female attracts him at all.

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