No Mansions

No mansions lie within my house,
No matters give concern,
Just windows to assist the light
and doors within the walls.

No sharp thoughts sear the lining
the crust of vacant soul,
a simple thought, a breath, a laugh
a cling-wrap surface whole.

A simple house unchallenged,
with new ideas unknown,
A house where no man thinks afresh
just shares with himself alone.

But oh! how tedious, how empty
a vase with hollow sound,
where whispers exit windows,
and doors let through all found.

Thinking is for the hardy,
who hear the struggle bells,
and pearl-like, push aside the grit
like sand in oyster shells.

Mansions lie within my house
For minds love to disagree,
and by their struggle forge for each
an awakening, fetter-free.

My windows take in thoughts abroad
And vamp them out re-breathed
The walls and doors protect ideas,
Both fecund, and care-free.

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