Sex Among the Ferals

The grass is green upon the land, my lawn is clothed in blossoms,
The gum trees dotted on hill and flat are home to crafty possums,
It’s Autumn, lawns and trees and shrubs still fresh, invigorated,
For plants like bees and ants and birds pursue romance elated.

A possum sits near my back fence his loins are agitated,
A female lives not far from here she’s willing to be mated,
Alas! for him she’s made a rule he must agree politely,
Requited love now costs the sum of four gum nuts precisely.

The possum knows that’s just not fair, his eyes have watched delighted
Why just last year he did the dance, her friend was so excited,
She’s praised his prowess far and wide, his sword engaged the lightning,
But now this lass invokes a bribe that leaves his nuts retightening.

The human with the blossomed lawn has no concern just quietly,
He services a mate each night and sometimes two quite likely,
In possum land that’s unexplained, and may I say politely,
The day the possum maids agree we’ll lift their tails just nicely.


The grass is green upon the land, my lawn is clothed in possums,
Free sex at times that suit the males destroys the land of blossoms,
It’s Autumn, lawns and trees are scored by brisk, enthusing lovers,
And I must cuddle one eye peeled for possums undercover.

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