The Dilemma of the Duchess

He rode in pursuit of the vixen, his hounds giving vent to their hate,
His grooms in uniform beside him, their horses galloping in state,
A trip by his horse threw him soundly his spine taking the full force,
And the Duke knew his days as a rider and a father were on a new course.

They carried him home on a stretcher, unmoving apart from his eyes
that fixed on his wife who was weeping, and holding his hand at his side,
He ordered the men to leave him on the veranda and spoke to his wife,
She’d need some help with the nursing, and keeping the farm out of strife.

The doctor was grave as he finished, put the x-rays down on the bed,
“I’m sorry, my Lord,” he stated, as tears formed and fell on the bed,
“Your days riding horses are gone now, you’ll sit but not use your legs,
There’s not much more I can do here. I’m sorry.” And no more was said.

When the Duchess lay down beside him and placed his hand on her breast,
They waited for something to happen but his body wasn’t out to impress,
Not a quiver, a murmur, an email could awaken his interest this time,
She tried all she knew of seduction but he could not respond in kind.

Each day a nurse came to wash him, and read to him till he tired
and fell asleep in the evening the needs of his wife denied,
She understood his misfortune and was not one to blame or to chide,
But one day snapped at the foreman, then gasped and apologised.

The foreman accepted her offer, placed his palm on her cheek and sighed,
“You cannot go on as you’re doing, you need someone right there at your side,”
But she shook her head in denial and worked on till the day was done,
She retired to her room that evening taking stock of what was to come.

In her bedroom’s full length mirror she examined her naked form
Saw her breasts as a man might see them, her waist invitingly warm
as an image of a naked foreman stroking her body became too real,
and she made a decision that evening with a grin she could not conceal.

The foreman drove her next morning to a dam to check on the height
of the water from a storm that played merry with the homestead overnight,
The dam was a picture card entry, sparkling fresh and clear in the sun,
She pointed a finger delighted where a tree cast its shade in the sun.

While he gathered the items she wanted for a picnic at the lake side,
She walked up quietly behind him and asked that she not be denied,
And the duchess and foreman together returned very late in the day,
And for years he serviced the duchess in their mutually satisfied way.

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