The Eagle and the Bear

Dressed to the nines his eyes on a swivel
Sprightly, laid-back, prince of the drivel,
Flaunting the glory of his UK doin’,
Preening his down, Eagle faces Bruin.

Wrenching the bark from a giant ash,
Only his teeth, his hands in his sash,
A Bruin sly, charged ready for disputin’,
Settle for an eagle, will Vladimir Putin.

Blaming Barack for his bad election rap
Eagle has plans for this Russian bear chap,
Slip a Mickey Finn in his vodka slivovitz
He’s a Smoky Bear if his loose lip slips.

The eyes of the world on a Finland splendour,
A talkfest, a bragfest, a vodka-soaked bender,
Bruin has no chink in his fur clad armour
Eagle cries “sanctions” to add to the drama.

Round and about, in and out at full throttle
Bruin tops the Eagle’s glass from the bottle,
Sozzled and wan his tail feathers thinned
Eagle’s lost the bout to a cagey Bruin.

Milana in disgrace, called Putin a putain,
She’s the real reason they were shown to the door.
With eagle eyes glintin’ Trump plans his next drama
About a boy named Bill and a pyjama clad Milana.

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