The Willie-Wagtail

Good morning to you, Mr Wagtail,
In your military black and white.
Hello to you, Willie Wagtail,
You’re a very impressive sight.

Why did your Mum call you ‘Willie’?
It’s an excellent name I am sure,
She could have said ‘Roger’ or ‘Billy’,
Both of those names will endure.

Why did she settle on Willie?
Because you’re a manly chap,
Romantic in lace from Chantilly
French pouring out of your trap.

Why did she call you Willie?
It’s puzzling me, you know.
Should you want to dally and dilly
Your dress brings the girls and so,

Why did your Mum call you Willie?
It’s a conundrum I’ll give you that,
But then, is it me being silly
Wilhelmina was where Mum was at?

Are you a Wilhelmina or Willie,
Or just a cheeky young brat?
Will she or won’t she or will he,
I no longer know tit from tat.

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