Short Stories

I’m sitting here on a log next to a waterhole, chewing on an old biro I found when I was out walking in the Bush.  I always give “Bush” a capital letter because that’s what the Australian outback really is – just miles and miles of dry, rather limp looking, scrub.  At least until the rains come and then birds and freshwater frogs drown out the usual cries of the crickets and the crows.  It rained heavily last week and the creek ran a banker for a while.  But now the water has mostly soaked into the dry earth and … Read the rest

The weather in North Queensland in summer can be stifling. In the tropical rainforest on the banks of Cassowary Creek it can be unbearable. This day was no exception.

Cassowary Creek settlement is one of those way-stations that just seem to spring up beside the rough track that does service as the main road to the Cape. Comprising just a pub, a garage, and a couple of shacks on metal posts to guard against the ever-present termites, the township is a quiet place as a rule. And Cassowary Creek is actually a river but over a cold beer some wag … Read the rest